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New AWS Sport (another trade via a '17 Ridgeline)

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Like the other member, I LOVED my Ridgeline...just didn't really need the bed...and got a great trade in for it. So far, the Passport is everything I loved about the Ridgeline plus a bunch of new cool stuff.
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Maybe I'm that "other member". From the day I got my new Passport, I love how familiar the interior is. I especially like the center console and I like the arm rests, no complaint about them being too small. Only a couple of improvements I'd like to see on future years ... front parking sensors, overhead "bird's eye" view camera, and a better selection of exterior colors. I'd like to have a Passport in the "molten lava" color that is offered on the CR-V.
Welcome Moose, I was toying with the idea of a Tacoma or Ridgeline as well, but I've only owned one truck in my life and the PP just seemed like a better fit...!

And darksky (I liked that TV show, "dark skies" btw) , I agree with all your improvement thoughts...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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