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New AT tires and 18” HPD wheels installed today

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I now have 245/60-18 Continental TerrainContact AT tires mounted on Honda HPD 18” wheels with black lugs. All the positive reviews and a nudge from StevenD helped me make the tire decision. Also, I got a great deal on the tires through Mossy Honda of Lemon Grove (a San Diego suburb). Tires, installation, disposal, road hazard, and an alignment for $897.84 OTD. That was even cheaper than their original quote. Discount Tire quoted me $1,261 for the same. Also, someone asked about the weight of the original 20” black 5-spoke wheel I took off my Elite. Weight was 34 lbs 11 oz without stems or TPMS, but with some balancing weights still attached.

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Hey lance, don't the new tires just feel more secure/stable on the road?

(Hitting bumps, cornering etc...)

I also drove my OEM 20" set-up for many months, so I know how they handled and these feel SOO much better...!
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