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New 2019 Passport AWD Touring

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I have found a few new 19 Passports available. I have been looking at the 2020 EXL-AWD, but would I get a better deal getting a 19 since its almost 2021? If anyone has advice for me I sure would love to hear it. I want the most bang for my buck! I will be trading a 19 CRV, and have some negative equity.
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Welcome to our forum.
When new in 2019 the MSRP was $38,310

Look at these numbers, for a used 2019 EX-L with AWD and 12,000 miles.
A dealer will expect to sell the above used ex-l as follows:
Extra clean $36,425
Clean $34,900
Average $32,050
Rough $30,050

If I wanted to trade in the above mentioned ex-l, the dealer would offer me $1,000 less than the following Auction Values, because...if the dealer wanted my ex-l they could go to the auction and try to "low bid it" and make more money.
Trade-in/Auction Value:
Clean $31,455 - $1,000 = $30,455
Average $29,865 - $1,000 = $28,865
Rough $25,825 - $1,000 = $24,825
Through negotiations, I MAY be able to get a few hundred of the $1,000 back, but it is unlikely.

Here LINK is a thread listing what our members have paid, for their 2019 Passports and you'll find how much less than MSRP that they paid, in 2019.

I myself, bought a new 2019 Touring AWD on Oct 24, 2019 for $5,777 below MSRP, so I hope that you are able to get a few thousand dollars more discounted, than I got discounted, off of your new 2019, which has been sitting on a lot for almost 2 years.

From the above numbers Used Clean is $34,900 - MSRP New $38,310 = $3,410
My discount $5,777 + $3,410 = $9,187
I believe that you should pay MSRP $38,310 - $9187 = $29,123

All Honda Passports have a horrible sales record, especially when it is compared to its main competition...Toyota Highlander. Here are the sales numbers for the Passport LINK and here are the sales numbers for the Highlander LINK.

This LINK is my sequence, for negotiating a new car purchase and buying an extended warranty via this LINK will save you about a $1,000
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Right now is not a good time to buy any new car. Wait another 4 weeks.
That 2019 Touring, mentioned above, with FWD had a MSRP of $39,280 and 11 months ago, Honda was discounting it $5,777. 11 months ago it would have cost $33,503.
When you consider depreciation, it should be less than $29,000, but Honda Corp isn't stepping up to move these year old units, with bigger intensives, so you should not be looking at 2019 units.
In 4 weeks, Honda will be pushing their best discounts of the year, based on the poor 2020 Passport sales record Passport Sales Numbers 2019 vs 2020. Wait and look for $6,000 off of MSRP on a 2020 and, at that time, look at the numbers on new/unsold 2019 Passport units.
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