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Need help with Andriod connectivity

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I bought a 2021 PP. without GPS, was told "ohhh so easy to connect phone with link to see google maps on screen in car. Last week or so it worked 2-3 times, page connected seemed ok. Then I destroyed my phone by accident got a new one with win 10 android and it won't find AA on playstore at all. I side loaded it from the net and no go. It was an older version not worth a hoot. Then in searching I read google will stop supporting AA totally in lieu of their Maps Program taking over. All I want to do is see my phone on the monitor in the car. Can someone please explain what is going wrong? Yes I have tried the OEM usb cord several others yada yada yada. if this is a defect that causes me to lose use of the system as sold,then houston we have a problem. any advice here??
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Ok try this, can one send maps via Bluetooth to the pp head unit. Not use a usb? It will do the phone, messages, send quick replies BUTTTTTT my phone which I found out is lacking in a lot of qualities will not OGT believe it. Sooo can one do maps on Bluetooth? I am going to try wayz I believe and see if there is a difference, when wife connects her LG phone aa comes right up. LMK r
Um ok help!! Can you send maps vis bluetooth to the factory head unit?? Or must it be USB only??
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