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Navigation map update

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I have a portable Garmin navigation unit and I recently updated the map to version 2022.10. I checked for a map update for the Passport and the latest version is 2021.10 (which is currently loaded). Is there any explanation why map updates for Honda vehicles are behind those for the portable Garmin units?
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Good question. I simply learned to use downloaded maps on my smart phone when I know I'm headed for unknown territory due to possible cell coverage drops.

We laugh at and VERY rarely use our 2015 Honda CR-V Touring Nav and most certainly have zero interest in using the Nav on our 2020 Honda Passport Elite AWD system unless someone here can impress this new forum member otherwise. I trust what works until...
My experience with the Garmin based Nav in my 2019 Passport is the opposite of yours. II find it very easy to use, and accurate in it's routing. Perhaps the Nav in your 2020 Passport is better than the one in your 2015 CR-V.
Perhaps. Because the car Navs are satellite based, they're used by us as plan B. Happy trails! ✌🏼
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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