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Navigation Lost from Dash Screen

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" Navigation " is missing from the "Driver Information Interface" on my 2019 Touring. It has always been there, but yesterday, after messing with Android Auto, I noticed Navigation is no longer displayed. Trip Computer and all the others still show. Navigation is not available to add when going to Show/Hide Apps. It simply is missing, I have looked through both manuals but have not been able to find a solution. I am sure it is something simple, and I'd appreciate any ideas. Thanks.
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I think you can turn it on and off in the screen. It’s probably simply hidden.
It does not show as a item that can be selected to be displayed. It definitely is hidden. But I don't know where :-(
Is it possible you hid the Navigation app under the Show/Hide App feature on your dash?

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Thank you for the suggestion, but it is not even one of the items to choose. It just disappeared. I am going to mess with it a little later. I think fooling around with Android Auto did something.
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