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My Torque Pro App Engine Vitals

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Here is a picture of the layout I use to monitor my engine and transmission vitals. I am still on the hunt for the correct PID for the app to show me engine oil temp, but I'm not sure if our vehicles have a way of measuring it from the factory.

I can run a scan for any codes and can reset them if applicable. The Torque Pro app has not given me any problems so far on my KTunerFlash 2018 CRV and my Passport now.


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@YVRPassport , hey could you give the PID information of the eng coolant temp 0167. I have the transTemp now! Thanks
Is 'fe1805' the PID that I would enter in the Torque app to get the trans temp to show? And '0167' for engine coolant temp? Looks like I can potentially screw things up with the ECU if the wrong inputs are entered??
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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