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My 9th Honda is my favorite so far: 2020 Passport EX-L

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Hello, everyone!

I'm 3 weeks into the lease on my 2020 Passport EX-L and I'm loving this truck so far!

I've always been a Honda fan. Over the last 20+ years I've had:
-'86 Prelude Si
-'97 CR-V EX
-'02 Accord EX-L Coupe
-'06 Odyssey LX
-'07 Odyssey EX-L
-'08 Civic LX
-'14 Accord Sport
-'19 Accord EX

I've had other cars as well, but I always seem to come back to Honda. I traded my '19 Accord on the Passport because some hip and back issues were making it difficult to drive such a low car. I was going to go for another CR-V, but I fell in love with the Passport instead.

My only minor disappointments so far have been some feature differences between the '19 Accord and the '20 Passport. Most notably, the Accord features "Traffic Sign Recognition" which uses a camera to read speed limit and other signs and then displays them in the gauge cluster. I assumed that "Honda Sensing" was the same from model-to-model, but apparently not. Also, the automatic high beams on the Accord work way better that on the Passport. In every other respect, I really like the Passport a lot more than the Accord... except gas mileage, of course!

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Wow, you certainly have been a loyal Honda person, not counting two Honda motorcycles, I'm only on Honda #4. Had a 1995 Prelude in my 20's for nearly 10 years and that was my fav car for a long time, but perhaps unfair, my two BMWs surpassed it on the happiness scale, although all things considered, my PP has a chance to surpase them all...!
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I forgot to count Honda bikes! I've had a Nighthawk, a Metropolitan, a Reflex, and a Rebel. :)
Congratulations! Looks great. We’re the roof rails and tint part of the lease agreement - already installed?
Thank you! I just had the tint done yesterday.

The roof rails were part of the lease, and it's a kinda funny story. I had already shaken hands on the deal, but a couple days before I was scheduled to pick it up, I emailed my salesperson and asked how much it would change the payment to add roof rails. It took her like 6 hours to reply that it would be an extra ~$20/mo. I quickly replied thanks, but I'll pass. When the day came to pick it up, I noticed that the rails were on it. Apparently when I had emailed to ask about the price, my salesperson misunderstood my question and had just told service to go ahead and put them on. Once she realized her mistake, she tried to call me to explain, but dialed my wife's number instead. She offered to either delay delivery so they could remove them, or keep them at a discounted price of $8/mo. My wife told her to go ahead and keep them. So I got a nice little surprise when I picked it up.
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Wow sometimes its good to have some confusion in your life. Enjoy the perk!
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