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Just made a 86 mile trip to Atlanta Airport at 75 mph and got 27mpg on the nose with my 255/55/20 Michelin tires. Happy with those numbers馃榿
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are those on the 18 or 20 inch rims?
20" per the specs written by the OP. 255/55/20
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Got a 2021 EXL last June. Took the first long highway trip to Ohio in October( it had less than 4,000 miles) and I was shocked to see the mpg reach 35. That's on 75 with rolling hills and small mountains going from North ATL to Dayton. In February we went to the Space Coast of Florida most of the trip was completely flat. The best MPG I got was 27. I'm not sure what the difference was. Going to Ohio required hill climbing but also coasting downhill, maybe that was the difference?
I'm only averaging a bit over 21, and that's in Oregon where we don't have higher speed limits. I was expecting more to be honest.
Last weekend we got 30 mpg on a 46 mile trip. Econ mode was on and the cruise control was set at 60 mph. Overall we are very pleased!
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Wind, speed, & hills make a huge difference on MPG. A 25 mph head wind compared to a 25 mph tail wind on the same road @ the same speed can easily make a 6-7 MPG difference on our Passport. Air temp also makes a big difference. Our Passport gets much better mileage in hot weather than it does in cold temps. Our '16 Pilot was the same way and overall I'm guessing it got 3-5 MPG better than our Storm Trooper.
I am getting about 24-25 average but it could be the thinner air at 6000ft or above.
Just took a trip from Vegas to Reno and back (picking up my oldest from college for the summer). First 'long' trip I've taken thus far:

Vegas to Tonapah.....10.359....227........21.9
Tonapah to Reno*.......10.822....242......22.4
Reno to Tohapah........8.722.....223.......25.6
Tonapah to Vegas......8.195.....228........27.8

Vegas to Tonapah is a large increase in elevation
Tonapah to Reno is a handful of elevation changes (up and down and up)

Just me, my empty Exo GearLocker box on the way up. Loaded to the nines with my boy, and all of his stuff coming back. Exo was loaded to the max weight capacity (a bit over, actually). The cargo area (seats down) was loaded to the ceiling.

And almost got killed by a trucker that decided to pass a car on a blind corner. He was out in our lane with nowhere to go. I dove off the road in to the dirt, as did the CUV that was about 100Y behind me. His tractor was just barely past the car he was passing as he went by us with all of his trailer still to go. Careless asshat.

* plus a bit of hotel to campus, campus to hotel, and hotel to campus again before filling (about 2.5 miles each way)
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