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First off I want to say that I’m absolutely loving my passport, and this could very will be an issue of me not looking close enough at the paint before purchasing my vehicle.

After the first day of driving The vehicle, I stepped back to look at the car and noticed a bunch of white and grey specs on the tailgate. Thinking it was just dust I went to wipe it off and it occurred to me that the lower section of my tailgate has a good number of very fine paint chips(see in photo). I’ve owned the vehicle for only 2 weeks now, and have contacted my dealership who told me that they would not repaint or touch it up for me, but would give me a free touch up tool. There is one chip that is significantly bigger that I am very uneasy about having to touch up myself and am honestly debating taking it to a body shop to have a professional do it.The smaller chips are more of a nuisance than they are difficult to touch up since they are so small but needless to say with a car this new I would’ve liked it if Honda would’ve been more helpful then giving me a touch up tool.

Anyone else here having any issues with the paint? The color of my passport is black if anyone is curious.
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