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Mice *inside* roof???

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Stopped somewhere quiet for a bit today and heard something moving around in the Passport! I live in the country so what got in here? Nope all windows and doors were closed - though I think I'll have to stop opening the moonroof vent to let heat out. It stopped, a few minutes later it came back and I was able to isolate it to my roof. Checked twice, no birds walking on the roof - it sounded pretty much like that. So I figure I have a mouse between my head liner and the roof.

Anyone had anything like this? If so how did you resolve it?
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That is just what I am trying to avoid! You know how quickly that would smell bad and that kind of smell can permanently infect plastics! I have no choice to park in the sun so I am hoping that doesn't happen. I'm going to see if the auto body shop can take my roof liner out and look on Monday.
That sucks, but I don’t blame you. How about a snap trap on top of your roof with some tasty cheese, peanut butter, etc. Maybe it will be enough to lure him out, and never go back in.
I don't think it gets on the roof, more likely it got to headliner by coming up inside one of the pillars.
So what was the outcome of this?
Never heard it again, no dead mice smell. So I am assuming above post was correct that it was noises from the gas tank. I had just filled tank about 15 minutes beforehand. Though I've also not heard it again and have filled up twice since then. 😐
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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