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Looking for Neoprene Seat Covers- 2022 Passport Trailsport

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I am having trouble finding quality front seat covers for my 2022 Trailsport. I am looking for neoprene (not leather or faux leather or cheap thin material). My seats have the arm rest but when I look at all the typical seat cover websites the dont show the covers on seats with arm rest.

Additionally, most websites don't even let you dial in your make and model to the Trailsport edition, so I am not even sure they are available.

Any recomendations? I am a mountain biker and I am looking for a custom fit, not something that slips around when I move, or that is baggy in the back.

Any recomendations, pictures, guidance welcomed.....
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I have these for my work van since 2011. I have the ballistic material and they still look great. They fit perfectly and the set for the front seats included the armrests. Give them a call and ask if the set for the Passport includes the armrests.
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