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Looking for a OEM Part Number B-Pillar Plastic Cover / Replacement

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Got a bit of an unusual question, I am a proud owner of a 2021 Passport that I need to fix up from a minor burn damage. Lets call it a project car, but the idea is if i can fix it up , I will have a good car for years to come. Owned many hondas/acuras, but this is a first for me =)

Basically a lot of plastic parts on the Passengers side (including the headlight and taillight) need to be replaced. I did make myself a long shopping list from a dealer, and there is just one part I cannot find.

I will include the pictures here, those are "plastic covers that go near the Front and Rear Doors (sometimes folks cover them up with chrome'ish or glossy decals) but this one is a thick plastic that attaches to the door metal via one screw and some glue strips.

I need a Master Jedi Ninja to help me try to locate these replacement parts from Honda Dealer Network. I can only see this part as part of a $1000 or $1200 door frame (which seems crazy) and would like to avoid at all cost.

Please see the picture, i am actually not sure how to describe it. Would love to find this part as an OEM , or even any after market seems easy enough to remove with one screw and well that glue was pretty much on there HARD! =)

Thanks for any help and suggestions.

I have 2 more mystery parts from my project, but this one is a bottleneck for me. =(

Thank You,

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I think i found it in the "honda Parts Diagrams" .... its part of the "Molding - Roof Rail " detail..... So i think i am good! Thank you!
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Is this the part #? I was about to post it for you. This is one of 4... Part Number: 72410-TG7-A12
No this is the Horizontal (sash) that goes under the window. - That one amazingly survived the "blaze".... The part I needed are:

Garnish Assy., R. FR. Door Sash (OUTER)
72930-TG7-A01 - RIGHT REAR DOOR (b Pillar) $13.88
Garnish Assy., R. RR. Door Sash (OUTER)

There are 4 different parts numbers for those, the ones above are for the "RIGHT/ PASSENGER" side only.
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I work in a Honda parts department. If you need more help with your restoration, let me know.
Yeapsssss I just might .. =) So i have build an excel spreadsheet with all the part I need, about 20 parts in total... I was going to start calling the dealers to get quotes. =)

JUST AS A CHALLANGE ROUND, and just for fun I may have one more Mystery part quiz for everyone here. Just have to find a picture =)

that little piece of Melted plastic. that is held by two clips (clips also have to be drilled out and replaced) I am holding the remains of it in one picture =).

I also figure the quarter panel and the melted frame on it, must also be replaced as one piece.... I haven't gotten to even thinking about that just yet.... I think it has to be replaced in a in a similar fashion as a windshield. (I do have that part its 73500-TGS-A01) and it comes as a complete piece... but nowhere in those diagrams is that "STRIP OF PLASTIC" to the left of it.

(Attached the same part on the other (left side) the one i need is of course on the Right side. )

Also looking for that missing boomerang/triangular piece of plastic that goes in front of the mirror (stationary, does not swing out with the door) ...

I hate how somehow the "Honda official diagrams" are just terrible in descriptions/and resolution ... just looks like have not changed in 20-30 years, always been the same.. as long as I can remember, but BIG PLUS is that there is a pretty awesome parts departments everywhere , and its just easy to find OEM parts for Hondas/Acuras.

I am also in awe of "physics" how different pieces of plastics ' held up" in the blaze that must have been smoking next to the car. Some plastics are completely charred/melted, and others are untouched/unscathed by fire. Just different blends of plastics i guess, with different properties.

Thank You all for playing my game =) - Mark

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Its a bit of an unknown ... the whole car has sustained major Burn damage ..... from the tail light (and rear spoiler) ... all the way to the front bumper.... i would say majority of the burn was with the bumper ... that colored piece of the bumper it was just GONE, or fused to other plastic parts.

Its fun reconstructing the car however, so far i can't find any damage to the metal, tires, wheels or anything that is "under the shielded plastic... that took a hit
Well I got one of the part in for the swap out.... but its super cold outside so not doing anything, but the part number is correct!!!! ... Its just a matter of finding these because that is not an easy feat, today ... lost of parts are back ordered with no ETA.

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How much did it cost and which parts dealer did you use? Trims like these are typically rare and not usually stocked so it's a good idea to make a mental note of OEM parts dealers that stock them.
Yeaps, not easy to find.

Definitely not a stock item, but "IN normal days" they can get it for you from a local warehouse within 1-3 days.... HOWEVER.. I had to resort to getting these from folks on eBay. (once I found the Part Numbers (noted above) it was not as hard. … the parts at the dealers MSRP about $20 each, but you can get it for $14-15.... Since i am a baby, and I will be disassembling the doors soon, I needed to have it, so i paid $35 online (again eBay) … there are still some parts just "UNAVAILABLE" and No ETA due to some 'national parts shortage" … i have been told.

I believe its a straight forward install once you have the bottom and top 'sash loosened'
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The short molding at the top of the rear quarter, above and behind the rear quarter glass, is 75610-TGS-A01. SRP is 47.60. I searched for 5 and 5 were available.
The triangular piece in front of the mirror is 75490-TG7-A21 and retails for 29.85. Don't sleep on this one. Only came back with 2 left.
Thanks All! All parts have been oredered... (AND SHIPPED) ... just waiting for them to arrive .... but it wasn't easy tracking them all down =)
80% of the job is removing the old ones and cleaning the remaining glue. The double sticky tape is very high quality on these.
to install you can remove two screws. One on bottom and one on top under the rubber door seal. You don’t have to remove the seal just move it out of the way.
Align new part with the door pillar and stick it in. Go slow. You may have only one try at this. Repositioning it is hard/impossible

hope that helps
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