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Limited Music/USB connectivity

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So I'm trying to prepare for a long trip so music is one of the things I like to have when I drive. My principal gripes are:
1- There is only one USB port that can be used for the infotainment center. So if your phone is connected to it, you can't use any USB device for music.
2- If you want to use the hard drive in the infotainment center for music, it does not support folders so you can't have anything to separate your music.
3- One additional USB for charging in a $40,000 vehicle make no sense at all. There should be USB ports everywhere, they cost next to nothing!

If you are a one device person, i.e. everything you want or need is on your phone, all is well. If you are like me, your screwed! I've ordered a USB charging adapter with two additional charging ports I can put in the center console. I also configured an old I-phone I can configure with music and use the bluetooth connect to get to it. These are work-around's that shouldn't be necessary.

I give Honda a "D" for USB ports.
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See this is why I added the CD player, I made an mp3 collection CD, with 127 songs on it and it clocks in at 8 hours 58 minutes!
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