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Liftgate Limit???

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Anyone know if the Honda Passport has the tailgate limit or if the Passport even comes with the feature? The Honda Odyssey has the feature so wondering if the Passport does (2020 Odyssey | How to Program the Power Tailgate Opening Hei...). I had to learn the hard way when opening the tailgate inside the garage (fortunately nothing was damaged).
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I tried all sorts of suggestions on how to make it stop at a certain height - nothing worked.
I am 5' tall, so when it's all the way up I can't reach the close button. So I have to use my key or button on the door to close it.
If you open it manually using the button under the center of the hatch you can stop it at any point. Not the same as setting it to stop where you want automatically but useful at times.
What do you do to stop it? I've tried pressing the button on the hatch, driver-side door, key fob, tried grabbing the tailgate at a certain height. I even remember something a while back about pressing the hatch button and another at the same time on the key fob. Neither worked for me?
Hmm...that has not worked for me in the past. I can try it again later today though.
Thanks Jim.

It’s probably one of the weird quarks that don’t work on mine. Like the engine idle stop that works 50% of the time or weird ACC issues. But I’ll take those over the engine failures, suspension replacements and infotainment center issues.
Heather, I think I know what the problem might be. Go to Settings/Vehicle/Power Tailgate Setup/Power Tailgate Open by Outer Handle/ and select Off (manual only). That is what have mine set on. Hope that works for you.
Thanks! I will screen shot this and check tomorrow. Just got back to the hotel.
The kick method under the bumper will also close the tailgate. It took a little practice to find the sweet spot and now I use is all the time to open and close.
my kicker has never worked. Dealer couldn’t figure it out and I don’t use it, so I moved on.
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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