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1. I wish the PP had a front camera that worked in conjunction with the parking sensors like the rear camera does. My wife's 2018 BMW X3 has that and it is really helpful when parallel parking and in the garage. Front parking sensor does not work until 14" away from object. Don't think an addtl. camera would cost much.
2. It would be nice if the folding mirrors could be set to fold automatically when the PP was locked. Also be able to unfold automatically when reach 25 mph. Again the BMW X3 has those features. I know there is a $15K price difference between the vehicles but probably just a software issue to implement. Hardware is already there.
3.An integral Auto stop/start button should be with the Start engine large button. Would be much more convenient and logical than on the console.
4. I have Touring. For a $40k vehicle the front passenger seat should be 6 way, not 4 way. My wife does not like not being able to adjust the height! That is just Honda being cheap.
5. Also for a $40k vehicle Welcome Lights along the sides and rear should be std. The sides are available to purchase for only $140 but the install instructions scared me off!
5. Do like that Apple Car Play and Android Auto are standard with the Touring and Elite Infotainment. BMW charges $500 for Car Play and does not even offer Android Auto!
6. I have not been able to figure out how to have the reverse lights come on other when the PP's engine is on. Maybe I am missing something???
7.Have only had the PP for a month but overall I prefer driving it to the X3.
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