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Just installed new Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 tires

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I barely got 50k miles out of the OE Continental tires and wanted a better tire. Purchased Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3 tires last weekend and my Passport feels like a new car. A much quieter and smoother ride and braking is better too. Very happy with my purchase, would 100% recommend.
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Did you stick with the 20 inch wheels or you went down to 18 inch? I asked because everyone that dropped down to 18 inch wheels say the difference is like night and day.
Wish i could find one with 18" wheels to actually see/feel the difference. Lot of money to change out without really knowing the difference.
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Just installed the Pirelli AS 3's yesterday, very smooth and quiet, the 265/50 20's seem to be a good fit if you plan on keeping the 20's. There is a slight rub only on one side, front left wheel, to the back inside of the tire at full lock. I had less than 7k miles on the Continental tires, they were fairly quiet, but not as comfortable as the Pirelli's, the PP looks and rides much better. I'm sure the added height makes a difference. Adjusted tire pressure to 34 psi. Thanks and be Safe.
Im running 255/55/20 on a michelin defender. Im currently running 41psi. Any reason for your 34psi? Maybe im a bit high and could get a better ride at a lower psi?
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