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Junked the conties

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Well more bad luck as I hit a large piece of rubber last week. After I started getting the “wup wup sound and a vibration The PP was set for an oil change so I asked the dealer to rotate and balance the tires. They told me one tire was damaged and could not balance it. They did offer to sell me 2 at an installed cost of $700 plus tax. Well I passed on that. I had good luck with Firestone LE2 tires on my truck so I was going to get them. They now have updated them to LE3. I also went to 255/50 (FWD 245/50). Well what a difference…smooth and quite and even though they are only 1/2” taller much more comfortable over the rough streets around here. No rubbing anywhere and speedo is only off by a couple of tenths Although I wasn’t ready to get new tires (18800 miles) I definitely don’t regret my choice.
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Likely had a bell split during the impact.
I think they had a batch that had very easy to damage belt and tread.
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