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Is the 2021 Passport available as a "Black Edition" with red stitching on its seats?

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I'm trying to keep everything as an internet transaction, but a Honda salesman keeps calling me with reasons to come to the Dealership. Last week it was to review their "in person only VIP" offer. This week it is to look at the "Black Edition" Passport.
I've heard that the Pilot and/or the Ridgeline offered a "Black Edition", but nobody has ever mentioned a Passport version and I'm on this forum a lot.

Thank you, for your time.
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I've seen a Passport Black Edition with my own eyes here in Connecticut. (Wanted to stop and grab a pic, but I was on a divided highway and turning around would have delayed me from an appointment.)
Sounds like a “dealer” trim package.
It has changes that go beyond what can be installed at the dealer, such as acoustic glass...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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