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Intermittent Clicking Sound

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Anyone have an intermittent "click" or "tick" sound in the interior while driving? The sound is very much like what you'd hear when take small pebbles to the windshield while driving at speed but it also occurs at slow speeds. I know it's not rocks as it happens when I'm the only vehicle on the road and there's never any evidence that anything has struck the windshield. It occurs with or without the sound system on, during Bluetooth phone calls and sometimes when neither are in use. It occurs every now and then and lasts for several seconds to a minute or two. It's loud enough that when it occurs during a phone call, the person with whom I'm speaking can hear it, too. Not a huge issue but it's annoying more than anything. BTW, it's a 2020 Elite if that helps. Thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some light.
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Thanks, Jason! I'll mention it to the dealership when they take mine in to address the leaking of rain water into the R/F floorboard.
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