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Installed Tailgate Welcome Lights

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Hi all,

I installed the tailgate welcome lights yesterday. They come on any time you unlock or open one of the doors/tailgate and fade out like your interior lights, depending upon how you have your settings configured. I can confirm they ARE NOT approach lights (didn't think they were), but they do look sharp and have a decent amount of functionality. Start to finish, it took me around 3.5 hours. I do have some experience with these types of things, but I was taking my time, as well. It was the first time I had ever had to remove an entire bumper and it was a little intimidating at first, but turned out fine.
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The instructions are pretty much spot on. You'll have the most success if you follow each step as they're written. I did skip the first three steps to disconnect the battery and it was fine, but there's not really any other steps you can shortcut to save time. My only casualty was a few broken clips when I removed the tailgate rear trim panel, but I found a small pack of comparable replacements at my local auto parts store. Masking tape did not stick to my Armor All-ed interior, but I was able to remove all of the panels without any scratching damage. I would recommend using tape on the bumper and enlisting a friend/significant other when unsnapping and removing it.

I had installed the lighted running boards on my '17 Ridgeline RTL-E and they looked great. But other than looking good, about all they accomplished was consistently getting my pants dirty. They provided no real function getting in and out of the vehicle or being able to better reach the roof when washing. With that being said I think I'm going to order/install the Side Welcome Lights on the Passport instead. It may be a few weeks before I post a thread because my wife is going to kill me with all of these accessories!
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