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Installed Side Welcome Lights

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Hi all - I installed the Side Welcome Lights to match the previously installed Tailgate Welcome Lights this weekend. Attached are two pictures - one with the headlights on, the other off. They are a sharp looking addition and provide adequate light beneath the vehicle when accessing via keyfob, door handle touch, or opening any door. Curiously, though, they do not respond when I’ve remote started the vehicle. It’s possible I need to adjust a setting somewhere, but I don’t think this was the case on my a Ridgeline.

At any rate, the install was fairly straightforward if you follow the directions and take your time. No vehicle damage, broken clips, or any other complications. My only additional info/tips are as follows. . .

1. You don’t need a push pin and multiple drill bits to drill through the plastic trim beneath the vehicle. It is soft enough that you can mark with a pencil and use a single drill bit big enough for the wire ties to pass through. Consequently, you may decide there’s enough stuff underneath there to zip tie to without drilling if you so chose.
2. For a neater install, pass the harness and connectors THROUGH the individual light trims/mounts.
3. The 2-pin connector behind the driver’s side dash is up pretty high, to the right of the left-most air vent.

Happy installing!

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Just an update for everyone. I've unfortunately had a little trouble with the LED bulbs. I asked OEM Parts Source to replace the driver side rear bulb after it lasted less than a month. They worked with Honda and were able to get me a replacement bulb under warranty. GREAT! Knowing Honda doesn't always honor warranties on accessories when you don't have them installed by a dealership, I took this as a win. The day it arrived I replaced it. . . just in time to watch the driver side front bulb start to flicker and go out. So far I've had no problems with the Tailgate Welcome Lights, or the ones on the passenger side. I'm wondering if the winter's are too rough on the bulbs. Let me rephrase that: I wonder if I'm unlucky or if this accessory was poorly designed for real world application. I went back and checked my install and am certain it's not the problem, I also didn't have any issues with the lighted running boards I installed on my Ridgeline, which had similar bulbs. Food for thought for anyone considering buying and installing these. You can buy the entire kit for about the price of two replacement bulbs ($66/ea MSRP). I will probably replace one more before calling this project an unfortunate loss.
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