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Installed OEM hitch and only have one extra part

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I attempted to remove the lower bumper cover without taking the bumper off based on advice from some other forum members. I’m usually pretty handy but after an hour I gave up and decided to follow the official instructions from Honda to remove the bumper. Within an hour I had the new lower cover attached to the bumper and the hitch installed. I didn’t do the wire harness because I don’t plan on towing anything.
I ended up with an extra piece—what looks like the clip from one of the parking sensors (based on the part number printed on it). Just hoping the sensor doesn’t fall out of place.

Sensor part:
Rectangle Font Electronics accessory Gadget Electric blue

Lower cover after attempting to cut it out before going back to the official instructions:
Automotive tire Wood Tread Rectangle Tints and shades

Under side:
Automotive tire Hood Light Motor vehicle Automotive design

Completed (with pools toys used as a pillow):
Hood Outdoor shoe Bag Luggage and bags Automotive tire
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