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Infotainment screen issue, possible quick fix...

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I copy and pasted this below from FB Passport Owners page. It spoke of a quick fix for infotainment screen, if this happens. Sorry, I did not search here first to see if there already is a thread for this. Or if this is a correct method. Just felt it may help someone in a pinch:

Passport infotainment screen fix

We had our first issue with the passport today. My wife called me freaking out because the infotainment screen went out. I did a little research on forums and called my local dealership’s service department. The quick solve is to disconnect the positive terminal under the hood for at least one minute and then reconnect. Apparently the RDX has been having the same issue as it has the same infotainment system. Honda/Acura are aware of the issue and are looking into a proper solve. I’m hoping they will issue a recall in order to properly fix the issue at some point in the near future but I wanted to share my experience in case it could help anyone out.

P. S. The nut on the battery terminal cable is a 10mm.
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