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Dealer sent honda pages of codes from vehicle infotainment system..

HONDA appears to not know what the infotainment error codes are indicating the problems are.... as they are reported to have told the tech that those codes are for panasonic the manufacturer of the tuner etc....

How can a dealer fix the infotainment issues if honda has no idea what the error codes mean.. THIS IS Crazy..

Apparently they treat every report of an infotainment issue as a new event and are not sharing much information to the techs as to how others are attempting to deal with the problems (related and one offs)

My vehicle has now been in 5 times... one new tuner.. dash taken apart to check all connections.. one system update.... and car has been in the shop 9 days and will be returning next week... for another attempt to fix..

I am beginning to think the unit does not have enough RAM memory to handle all of the activities going on thru android auto... The unit does not have its own navigation system... I do not know if those units have more memory... Tight programing from the software engineers can deal with limited memory but .... if they do not handle it well.. the unit might freeze as does your computer at home... (yup we sent men to the moon with virtually no memory.. but the spftware engineers were very tight with their scripts..) Lack of memory might be an explanation for some of the issues... OR MAYBE NOT..

Honda has to fix this vehicle or it will get figuratively painted yellow...

Anyone have the vehicle definitively fixed? how did honda do it?

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……..and there are those who thought Windows 10 had/has issues.? AHM attempt to combine an OS from several manufacturers is bound to be a headache:mad::mad:. It has been interesting to say the least, reading attempts to make various apps function with the infotainment thingy in the Passports.

Safety & Liability issues are in the future. I'll never do another system update unless the Passport is parked in my driveway or at a Honda Dealership. The attempt of using apps not approved by AHM is a crapshoot.

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