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2021 AWD Sport Crystal Black / 2021 AWD EX-L lSteel Metallic
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OK, so I installed these tweeters today and here are the details:
These tweeters do not fit the bezel hole. I had to take a dremel and grind about 1/32 off all the way around the bezel then you can push them in and they are a really tight fit without using hot glue or anything else.

You will have to take a screw driver and gently pry the factory tweeter out of the housing. Then you simply push in the new tweeter. For all else I suggest you call Crutchfield and they can walk you through the process and color to color wiring.

My first one took a while till I figured everything out with Crutchfields assistants. The next one took about 45 minutes.

The factory installed does have a cleaner and better look but the sound is so much better with the infinities and they are directional which means you can point the to the direction of the front seats or you can point them towards the windshield if you want, don't think anyone would though.

There may be better option tweeters from a fit, none grinding stand point but I'm not sure. Final install does look good for sure.


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