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The new Passport is checking all the boxes for me and I'll elaborate since it is my first post here (sorry, if it is too long). I sold my BWM 330 Coupe in October and have been driving my daughters 2016 Accord Sport, while she is away at college. My plan is to get something prior to her coming home around May-2019, so I have plenty of time to look, study, compare, drive and read the reviews.

I am looking for a SUV that I can take camping, nothing too serious off-road wise, but I need something big enough to hold two persons and their camp gear. And when/if I go alone, I want to be able to sleep in the back. I have been driving a couple of BMW's for the last 18 years, and have been renting SUV's several times a year (to camp). So owning an SUV could increase the number of camp-outs I can do.

Since, I am tired of paying for premium gas so I was looking to get a vehicle that is not a luxury brand. Having owned (4) Honda's over the years; 1978 Accord Hatchback, 1985 Prelude (10 years 140k miles), 1994 Accord EX and the 2016 Accord Sport, so I trust the Honda name. But I have also owned a number of Toyota's/Lexus, including a 1998 4Runner that ran perfect when we sold it after 17 years with 217k miles on it and my wife's current ride a 2014 RX350, that is phenomenally well built.

With that being said, based on Toyota's off-road lineage, I was very interested in getting a Toyota, I might have went for a 4Runner, except that it has not been remodeled in 10 years and has an old technology engine, a 5-spd tranny and very few safety features, coupled with HORRIBLE mpg (17city 21 hi-way). So I moved onto the Tacoma, but, after looking at a double cab Tacoma with a 6ft bed , I saw it is HUGE and coming from a tiny 2-door BMW coupe, it seemed like it would be too much of a culture-shock change for me. The I looked at the Subaru Outback & Forester, but they seem to be vastly under-powered and having never owned one, I don't trust Subaru in the same way I trust Honda & Toyota. Which led me to the Ridgeline, I loved the reviews and seemed like it would have enough off-road capabilities for my use, but with a bed too small for me to sleep in and I would have to buy a shell and then make some type of carpet-bed-liner setup, I came to realize that I was not a "truck-guy".

So I looked at the CRV and the Highlander, but both are just too city-slick for what I want. Then I heard about the 2019 RAV 4 redesign and the Adventure model, it seemed like it might be an ok fit, but there were several things that bothered me about it, mainly the seats NOT folding down flat and I might not fit back there anyway (to sleep). Then I saw the Adventure model of the 2019 RAV4 tops out at $41k (US dollars) which is a lot of money for an entry-level SUV, with a 4cyl engine & no leather interior!

Then Honda announced the Passport and it was like a light-bulb went off! Just about everything I did not like about the RAV4, the Passport addresses.

So like I said above, I have time to fully check them out, but as of right now, I'm ALL IN for one! I am hoping that one with all the features I want will top out at no more than $46k and also hoping by the time I buy, $3k - $4k discounts off of MSRP are out there...

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