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I'm going to test drive a Passport tommorow.

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I really like what I have seen so far. I have a 2013 EXL Accord v6 with 60k miles that I'm looking to trade in once I find the right vehicle. My only concern is how far below the MSRP I can possibly get being that this is a new model. I'm looking at the AWD Touring model. Any advice would be appreciated.
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And my research puts the Passport touring AWD list price s little less than $43k. This sheet I got direct from a dealer .

FYI, I was also told it would be $1500 to get a touring or elite tow ready for 5000lbs. That is $500 more than highlander. They claim those models are more because they have to move the under bumper rear door kick sensor.

And the "adventure package MSRP is almost 4K! "
Had a 2017 platinum highlander AWD....gas mileage was absolutely horrible and driving it was like driving a minivan....kept it a year. Did not enjoy it all. But, with the highlander, you can count on Toyota to run a model year end deal with 0% interest financing and cut pretty good deals on them to unload them. I believe the highlander is due for a remodel for 2020, so Toyota will be “giving away” the 2019’s......
Yes I mentioned the 2020 coming out and agree great time to get a big deal on 2019 or see the big improvemnts for 2020.

Gas mileage reported on Highlander is better than both pilot and passport.

And Pilot gas mileage is better than passport!

I test drove two Highlander's vs Pilot and time Highlander felt more luxury. But that is subjective.

Highlander also had a hybrid version. I don't know mileage on it because I didn't consider hybrid .... but I would guess it is better.
Hmmmm, that’s interesting about the gas mileage difference. I will have to keep that in mind....and double check the gas tank size....wouldn’t want to constantly be at the gas station.

The hybrid highlander I know folks who buy those things hold on to them for a long time. I remember a salesman telling me that in terms of “value” with a hybrid, the RAV4 is the better buy.....I kind of smirked and said, “yeah, but it’s a RAV4”.... it will be interesting to see what Toyota does....hopefully the figure out something with the 4Runner as well.
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