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I'm going to test drive a Passport tommorow.

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I really like what I have seen so far. I have a 2013 EXL Accord v6 with 60k miles that I'm looking to trade in once I find the right vehicle. My only concern is how far below the MSRP I can possibly get being that this is a new model. I'm looking at the AWD Touring model. Any advice would be appreciated.
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The plant manufacturing the Pilot, Passport, Odyssey, MDX and Ridgeline either just expanded or is in the midst of an expansion so hopefully they can pump enough of these vehicles out. I heard though they are still operating close to max output so my guess is supply will still be constrained. It was not easy finding deals on the pilot the first model year and I actually went out of state to save $2500 on my 2017. Good luck finding significant discounts or incentives any time soon for the Passport. Anyone finding one with a discount close to what they could get on a Pilot is lucky. Maybe a volume dealer at the end of a month or quarter.
Toyota Highlander. Nice and reliable. Not as wide interior or as quiet on long trips. When I test drove one, it was more boring than the pilot which is hard to do.
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