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IIHS finally tested the Passport

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I can't say I agree with the headlights rating. Apparently, too much glare is enough to give it a "Poor" rating, even though both low and high beams visibility is on par or surpasses the optimal illumination levels, and is very similar to the rating of the Pilot which has "good" rating.
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Thx for posting this
Yeah I have to disagree with the headlights. Maybe it’s mistaken for Halagen??
What a crap rating. If you compare notes to the Pilot. The PP have the better lights on Touring/Elite models then Pilot Touring. Which uses LED reflectors as well. The poor rating was obviously from the glare they did not like. I have yet to be flashed btw in our PP Elite.
Passport, Pilot, and Ridgeline all have very similar or maybe even the same headlights but all get different ratings. Maybe IIHS test procedure involves a dart board.
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