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I need update help

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I did the recent update in my 2020 Touring so that I will still be able to use the emergency call system. I parked in my driveway and used our house wifi to download it. I then waited for the next full hour while it showed "loading". I had other things to do so I couldn't spend any more time on it. I have since taken four 15 minute drives, one 30 minute drive and one 45 minute drive. Throughout every drive, the screen still shows "loading". I know that at least part of it got updated because I no longer have any saved way points in the GPS.
My question is, is there any way to cancel everything and start over? When I go to the home screen and hit updates, it goes right to "loading". All of the buttons on that screen are grayed out and don't function.
Does anybody have any ideas or is this a "Dealer only" fix?
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Have you tried doing via USB? Maybe that would reset everything.

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Have you tried doing via USB? Maybe that would reset everything.

I tried updating via USB but that doesn't happen. While the system is "loading" I cannot select USB or anything else on the "Systems Update" screen.
I am considering doing a "Factory reset".
If I do that, does anyone know if I will have to reinstall the GPS update that I installed last summer?
What about disconnecting the battery? Anyone?
So I finally bit the bullet and did the factory reset procedure. I did write down all of the radio stations that I had programmed in, both FM and Sirius. When I went to put them back in, it wouldn't let me put in the local stations that I listen to when I drive to one of my usual destinations. I guess that it needs to be within range of the station. I also had to add my phone again.
After all that, I checked for updates and it says that everything is up to date. So why was it taking over three hours of "loading" time when I first tried the update?
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