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2019 Passport Elite purchased in February 2019. In September a clicking noise started from under the glove box. Took it Ito the dealer and had the blend door motor replaced since it was a "unique part" the vehicle was in the shop for a few days. About a month later clicking noises come back this time from the center dash take it back to the dealer and one of the HVAC motors needs to be replaced again the vehicle is in the shop for a few days. Fast forward to January of this year clicking noises again this time from the drivers side. Take the vehicle back and this time all SIX motors are replace vehicle is in the shop for a week. This weekend took a day trip out of state and the vents are not working heat is only coming through the defroster take it to the dealer and the blend door motor has failed again. The vehicle is still in the shop as the issue is still occurring after replacing the blend door motor. Owned the vehicle for a year it has been in the shop for HVAC issues in total for a month. Got the vehicle back on Feb 28 the blower box and the controller were replaced and the HVAC is working exactly as it is suppose to.
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