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Howdy from Houston

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Hey everyone ?, I pulled the trigger today and am now the owner of a 2020 Elite in Modern Steel Metallic with black interior. I've been lurking on the forums for a few months while I tried to make my final decision and am happy to join the community here.

I'm coming from a 2006 Nissan Xterra (Midnight Blue) that I really loved, but it had 202,000 miles on it. She was the only car in my life that I knew I absolutely wanted without shopping around, so the Passport has some big shoes to fill.

Mine was manufactured in January so I'm hoping for some good luck and no problems <knock-on-wood>. There were only four of them in the greater Houston area so my local dealer had to do a trade.

It did have a couple issues though:

• The plastic lining inside the front driver wheel well was messed up and they had to undo a couple screws and put it in place. Looks like it just didn't get positioned correctly during assembly.

• The steering alignment was off and it pulled to the right during the test drive, so they had to throw it on the rack and do an alignment. Looks like it was adjusted about 1 degree, I'll know tomorrow if that did the trick.

• The rear spoiler had a dent / warp in it, almost dead center above the brake light. It was very obvious right away so they're having to order a replacement spoiler to install next week. Normally this is the type of thing that would make me walk away, but since it is just the spoiler and not a major body panel I decided to give the replacement a shot. Only time will tell if I'll regret that decision.

Any other Passport owners in the Houston area? I haven't seen many of them on the road, but they do kinda blend in with Pilots and other SUVs. My daughter said she'll miss the Xterra the most because of how unique it looked, she could always spot me coming. I honestly think I'll miss that uniqueness a little myself.
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Welcome to the fold; I'm a 4 month PP owner and as happy as a pig in the mud.
My dog loves me too - so all is well.

To date (outside of the dealer lots) I've not (knowingly) seen another PP on the road.
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