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How to Build a Platform for Car Camping

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Recently got a Passport 2021 and I'm in love with it!

My goal is to be able to sleep comfortably enough in the back of my car.

Has anybody tried building a platform which can support an air mattress in the back and if so, got any resources, guides, or pictures to learn how to build one?
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Are you talking about filling the gap behind the front seat backs?
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Gotcha S-M-R-T ,

I think I will forego going any higher and just fill the gap with a carpeted piece of 1/2" plywood, making it level with the existing cargo floor. Hopefully a no tools, no hassle setup.

I'll take pics when I get it completed.
Extra gear that won't fit inside the car will be in plastic trunks, under the car while we sleep. I can ratchet strap them all
together. I can even wrap a security cable and lock them up if I feel the need. Most places we camp we hardly see a soul and don't hide or lock anything up.

All our valuables will fit inside the car. They all fit in a very very small space, lol.

Oh, and if the Goblins come a knocking, I'll let the MAGNUMS do the talking. I ain't scared.

Let me know if you get yours done first. Good luck!

Thanks, MJ
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So, I actually went with the Luno Life air mattress... little expensive but I think its a good alternative to building a platform like I was hoping before. Apparently it stays inflated forever from reviews I've read. Hope your build is going well MJ!
I'd love to see pics and read your review when you get it all set up.
Thanks a bunch.
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