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How is Passport resale value

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I’m thinking about selling my 2020 Passport Touring. I’m not selling it because I don’t like it, I actually really like and haven’t really any problems with it. after a year I’m finding it a little too big and it does sit in the garage a lot. It has 9,200 miles on it and hasn’t seen rain or snow. It’s in showroom , still smells new. condition. The dealer offered me 36k and I thought that was low. I spent like 2k on Oem trailer hitch, mud flaps and running boards. Has anyone sold there Passport yet and did you get good money for it?
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I was thinking about selling it privately and yes it’s awd. I’m really torn because I love it. It’s paid for too, so I’m in no rush. We also have 2 Subaru’s but I’ve been itching to get a fun car like a Mini Cooper or a little BMW 2 series. I only take the Passport out for the long trips, it’s not my daily. I’m on the East coast and I don’t see too many Touring models for sale.
Skip the Mini Cooper. Nothing but problems with those cars. A big headache who owns these vehicles.
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