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How do you access the OBDII port

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I just bought FIXD. I found the OBDII port (left side under the dash), but the dash obstructs the insertion of the FIXD device. Is there a trick to do this?

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That makes no sense, at least from pictures I've seen of the FIXD. It's no wider than the cable I have plugged in for my gauge, and it has almost .5" clearance from the dash.
One other thought, are you sure it just won't plug in? I've been running into devices/cables lately that won't fit in Honda OBDII ports. Honda adheres to the spec too close and if the pins are oversize, no go.
Try the FIXD on another brand car to see if it fits. If so, try to measure the pin size. I know it's difficult, but I've done it with a micrometer.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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