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Honda rail rack weight limits

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I'm interested in a roof top camping tent, and I've seen some old posts talking about dynamic weight meaning the 165lbs maximum while driving is different than the static weight at the camp ground with the value unknown to me.

I have the Honda rails and cross bars but saw others switched to Yakima timberline towers anchors and HD cross bars. These products max weights also list at165lbs.

I can find no after market rack systems that will hold the RTT at about 130lbs plus 2 adults, that need to get to 500lbs as a safe margin.

No one mentions static or dynamic weight, the rails seem extremely sturdy and I would not exceed the 165lb for the RTT, so am I okay to camp on my Honda Passport roof top?
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I used a RTT on mine for about 2 years without any problems. I researched the dynamic and static weight ratings at that time and went with the Yakima cross bars.

I posted a thread called Camping Mods. I'll try to post a link to the thread. Camping Mods
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