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Honda Care unexpected bonus

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Honda Care - Vehicle Service Contract.

I purchased an extended warranty on my Passport due to the reliance on electronic components and our increasing inability to fix things ourselves. I used advice from this forum to score an 8 year/120,000 mile, $100 deductible warranty at near dealer cost.

To my surprise, about 2 weeks later I received a notice telling me that the Roadside Assistance Benefit portion of this extended warranty extends to other Honda / Acura vehicles along with Honda motorcycles in my household at no additional charge.

As shown in my signature, I have a S2000 that now is covered at least with Roadside Assistance. Just make sure you register these additional vehicles as noted in the letter.

I like surprises.
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I have an 05 Rio Yellow Pearl S2000 and a 2023 Passport Trail Sport in Sonic Gray (and… a 2022 Miata Club With the Brembo/BBS/Recaro Package)
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