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Hey why no RDS???????

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I love my rock music, when we first purchased our 2021 exl in Oct. it was like wow!!! Now I can't find answers for anything. For instance. when new, the lane assist was always on unless you turned it off. Now???? requires pushing a steering wheel button to activate. The radio? ok kid has a 2017 sorento, she gets RDS on my favorite station really good, on the PP, all will work RDS EXCEPT MY FAVORITE station. I have reset radio to no avail. Anybody have short answers to my couple problems???????? Also what aftermarket running boards are most of your using??????? thanks red
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Well, we don't listen to radio much but when we do, HD Radio stations here in W. Washington are pretty strong. Some have info, some don't.

We have Romik RAL-B running boards on our PP. Lifetime warranty.
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Just picked up a 22 Passport EX-L, but RDS doesn't work! Does anyone know how to fix? The Crosstrek works for most stations here in Maui, but my Passport doesn't work on any stations. Help! TIA
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