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[email protected] 550 miles and forgot to release parking brake

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Hi everyone I've been lurking the forums for a while finding a lot of useful info here. Today as my GF and I left our surprise baby shower, I forgot to release the parking brake (aka third break on top of the dead pedal). The vehicle automatically started beeping and warning me to release it which I did and heard a mini tire squeal. This all happened in a matter of 3 mins and want to know if anyone has had experience on the matter. Could I have done any damage to it. I guess I'm just very paranoid being that this is the family car and wouldn't want any problems this early into the SUV.
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No problem.
If you ever need to adjust the parking brake, go to a parking lot. Press the parking brake pedal, about 2/3 of the way and back up 100 feet. Release the brake and repeat three times.
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