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Heat Setting non-existent?

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Hello Passport fam.
I wanted to get some opinions and experiences that you guys have with the heat control in your passports.
I have a new 2022 Trailsport model, with a thousand miles or so.

My heat control seems to only have one setting.. HOT. It blows nice and hot, really roasting me out when on high. But I can turn it down from 86/hi to the low 60’s (in whatever unit measurement they are using. I know it’s not degrees) and it’s still nearly just as hot as it was on high. Not quite as hot, but nearly..

When I get down to a couple units before LO, it starts to cool way down. But only to about 1/4 heat 3/4 cold. Then when it hits LO, it blows with more force and the heat mixing is turned off, blowing colder air (still not completely outside ambient temp though)

So, has anyone else experienced this?
Is it normal?
What was the fix?
(Edit: this is drivers side, I’ll have to check to see if it’s in all three zones or not. I’ll update when I check later today)
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I think that what you are setting is the ambient temperature for that zone. If the zone is much cooler than what is set, then the air coming out will be quite hot until the zone temperature nears the setting. You are not actually setting the temperature of the air coming out.
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