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Heads up!

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First off, I’m posting this video because I want everyone to be aware of possible paint issues. I love our Honda’s and wouldn’t even consider another manufacture. If I saw this video before I bought our HR-V & Passport it wouldn’t of altered my decision to buy them.
Here goes..
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Shoot, I thought you were going to say you found a hidden heads up display in the PP ?
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Yikes. I certainly hope if that ever happened to me, no one tries to tell me it's my fault or "normal wear and tear." o_O
Shoot, I thought you were going to say you found a hidden heads up display in the PP ?
I wish! :)
I'm not surprised and I see more and more newer vehicles of different brand with paint coming off. I have even heard of dealers offering paint insurance now. Figures - more money for us to pay and the manufactures save:(!!!!
Interesting: One observation: Both cars have same color - white.
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Sounds like a breakdown in the preparation for painting. Somebody skipped a step or two.
This has been an issue with both of my last 2 Hondas (06 Civic Blue, 15 Accord Black).
Hopefully being build in Alabama will make a difference.
So I read through comments on the video and did a couple net searches. Some say it’s only the white paint yet there’s pictures out on other colors.
This may make me look at installing a clear coat on the top of my Passport...
I don't believe they clear coat those white vehicles. You do, however, see lots of cars driving around with the clear coat peeling off.

About 20 years ago, I owned a GMC Jimmy with a peeling paint problem. I remember the GM rep using masking tape to literally pull the paint off the from fender. He shook his head and offered me a complete paint job for free. The truck was about 3 years old but off of warranty. It was gray in color.

I believe they had to srip the bad paint off and repaint. PIA
I had a civic that has crows feet under the clear coat. My honda dealer that has its own auto collision center agreed to repaint my hood, if I kicked in $300.
They sent me to some other paint shop that I didn't want to use. They wouldn't cut me a check made payable to my preferred shop. Honda left me with a take it or leave it situation.
The paint job that I got had a 6 month warranty and turned dull in 8 months of garage life. It was worth about $300
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