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Head-on collision with motorcycle

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A motorcyclist, traveling in the opposite lane of us lost control of his bike and hit me head-on going about 60mph or so. I was going about 20mph at the time. The cyclist partially came through our windshield.

I broke my wrist, but was wearing my seat belt, the Passport's collision avoidance braking kicked in and two airbags deployed. Our Passport did its job and kept us safe. We were able to walk away. The fate of the cyclist we hit is unknown...

I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE HIVE MIND - I suspect that the '19 Passport Sport AWD is totaled, but with the exorbitant costs these days, I anticipate getting f*cked by the insurance company. Surely, they wouldn't try to repair this, correct?

Here's the damage that I can see:

  • Total front end damage including: bumpers, headlights, grill, hood, foglights, windshield and collision avoidance camera array, wiper blade arms somehow got mangled
  • Engine compartment: the whole radiator and associated fan and belt assembly - radiator is pushed back into the engine (although the engine still starts)
  • The metal crossbar behind the plastic bumper assembly is totally mangled - pushed in at least 5 inches
  • Lots of damage in the cabin from loose items in the car taking flight: both the turn signal and wiper control arms are smashed and bent (courtesy of my wrists and hands, the climate control unit in the dash got smashed, also the center console, facing the rear passenger compartment was totally shattered.

Am I just being paranoid about the insurance, or are they crazy enough to try to fix the external damage?

What about all of the things we can't see? The motor mounts, frame damage, broken sensor arrays, etc. etc.
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Yikes. Glad you're OK. From the previous pic it looked like he had excessive speed on the curve and crossed over the centerline. I used to ride a motorcycle and have seen that multiple times but fortunately there was never a collision. It would be up to your insurance adjuster and Honda service to determine if your vehicle is to be totaled out. Just based on pics I couldn't say for sure.
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Make sure you get a Police Report and submit that to your Insurance Agent. Hope you took plenty of pix.
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Yikes. Glad you are okay. As a long time motorcyclists, too many idiots on the road gave us bad reps.
Yup. OP said it was not his bike he was riding. So we have a young person on an unfamiliar bike, sportbike, and apparently going too fast and crossed over the centerline. And more than likely never took an MSF New Riders course. Shame that he had to learn a lesson the hard way.
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