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Harbor Freight roof basket. Yes or No?

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Obviously Thule or Honda or Yakima are better. But the look of the square Harbor Freight roof basket doesn’t look bad. Anyone try it?
also any recommendations about aftermarket cross rails for the roof rack as well?
worried about road noise. Mainly using for camping.
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I have the OEM cross bars and the don’t make any noise. As far as the roof basket, the Harbor Freight one is certain priced right. I have no first hand experience with it but the reviews are pretty good and if you have a coupon it would be a steal.
Like many other relatively affordable cargo baskets the chief complaints seem to be rust, incomplete welds, water intrusion, and paint issues. That said, it has very high positive reviews. Looks like a okay option for part time use. Long-term sun and inclement weather exposure are likely to be what ends up causing issues with this basket, if they occur.

OEM Honda cross bars didn't seem to make/increase noise for me at all (IMO). Your basket absolutely will :)
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