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Greetings from Decatur, Alabama!

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My wife and I have just purchased a 2019 Honda Passport Elite AWD.... Deep Scarlet with Gray interior. We both love it. With just less than 700 miles to date, We look forward to many miles of driving. I also have a 2008 Honda EX Element with 139k+ miles. My hope is that this Passport lasts this long and with the miles. I joined this forum to keep informed of any issues that have/will arise. I look forward to learning and sharing a lit with you all!
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Welcome, I’m also a former Element owner. I also joined this forum for the sharing of info and upgrades I have performed and might help others.....

Good luck
Welcome and enjoy...!
New to the Passport, new to the site.

But as a Bama resident I must shout out ... War Eagle.
Welcome, Rainman2018 and Wrascal to the Forum. Much information, experience, and information are here for your use. Ken in PA.
New to the Passport, new to the site.
Welcome! :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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