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Got rack

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Finally got all my accessories in from Honda it took literally 4 months… that was dumb. Anyway here it is.

DieCast running boards, window visors, low profile windscreen, cross bars, rear bumber appliqué, rear seat back protectors, door panel protectors, hitch w/ trans cooler. I think thats all.

My own mods at this point are led interior lighting, 256/50r20 conti a/t tires. Yakima roof basket that retails for 500$. Got off marketplace for 150$ yesterday. I also got some lumin x fog tint and rear seat covers along with weathertech full car window insulation inserts. I need to get the front windows tinted and maybe ditch lights and maybe a lift.

So far the A/T tires seem to hit -2 mpg all around kinda a bummer but it was expected. And with that giant basket on top another -2. Also that thing makes a shit ton of noise.
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Is the wind noise really bad? I'm thinking of putting a basket up also but i'm worried the wind noise would annoy me since I daily my Passport over 50 miles a day
If looking cool rolling into and out of grocery stores/the work parking lot are a top priority, no amount of inconvenience and inefficiency is too great 😎👌 With a basket, I'd be sure to devise a routine to put it on and take it off as needed - OP may be using his everyday for storage or readiness, but 50 miles a day is a lot on gas, too. If it's -2mpg, and our cars get 20mpg, that's an extra gallon needed for every 10. Doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. To extend the napkin math, if you commute 50 miles a day, that's 2.5 gallons a day, so let's say every week is an even 10 gallons to be conservative. That's 4 weeks x $5 = $20/month. Now if Netflix was $15 and you got a letter saying it would now be $35, would you be pissed??? Now let's extend this napkin as far as it'll go - say you'll keep the car for 50k miles - 50,000/20= 2500 gallons of gas you'll purchase in that time. That's 2500/10 gallons= 250 extra gallons, or, at current gas prices (which will certainly continue to go down with this administration, per CNN /s) =$1,250! Not such a good deal to keep a basket mounted if you rarely use it, eh?

By the way, I am mathematically impaired and repeated algebra several times before passing with a C, so please offer any corrections directly to my smug face via the nearest large object 😅
Edit: I must add I am not intending to mock op or anyone with a roof basket - i personally think they look badass, I just personally am also a penny pinching fiend with any cost that's going to be recurring! Value is in the eye of the beholder!
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