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I had some real Carbon build-up problems when I purchased my wife her first Honda Piliot. 2017 with under 35K miles. When it started it cold it would idle rough then smooth out after it warmed up. By the time it had 45K miles the misfires started getting real bad and the Check Engine Lights started flashing while driving. I ended up walnut blasting the valves which took care of that problem. It's not complicated but it was a quite a process to do that. Now we have 89K and it's ready for another cleaning. I found this article online from a company called ATS Carbon Clean. They have a very different way of treating it then the traditional Walnut Blasting.
Has anyone ever had there car treated with this system before?
I want to try it on my Passport and wife's Pilot.
Here is the article I found>
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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