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Gate kick sensor ?

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I have EXL which came without rear gate kick sensor (normal config for EXL).

Does anyone know if installing kick sensor is a possibility ?
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thanks for the offer . It almost sounds like I need to do what you have done as I also want the hitch at some point. I know I really want the hitch (for bike/carrier attachment).. not sure of kick sensor. But I I decide on the sensor, sounds like I should do them both at the same time ?
thanks for the advise. I am not sure about trans cooler at this point. In short term, all I need the hitch is for bike and cargo carrier, so I am OK without it.
How bad was the harness install? From the few videos I have seen, hitch itself is not too bad ...I keep reading about kick sensor issues with hitch ...anyway it is 25 degrees here and it will need to wait few months more ...
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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