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Front Parking Sensors + Custom Front Camera

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Hello all! I just got my 2019 Passport used. Noticed that the front corner parking sensors really only do the corners, and aren't good for anything in front of you car (even directly in front of the corners). Has anyone found this to be annoying? I'm surprised Honda didn't add front parking sensors - that's super annoying.

I was thinking of buying those mirror dashcams w/ backup camera, and mounting the backup camera on the front bumper so I can get a few of the front of the car when I'm forced to parallel park in tight city streets. Has anyone done this or documented this?
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The front bumper sensors will alert you when you come to within about one ft from whatever is in front of your bumper. I use them almost daily. Just creep in really slow. I wish the PP had a front camera like my wife's X3 has. It works a lot better. But, again, the PP sensors will work.
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