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Fog Light Trim Replacement

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Hello all,

Has anyone replaced the Matte Fog Light Trim with Gloss? I've looked for this walkthrough everywhere with no luck yet. Does the whole front bumper need to come off or can these be accessed through the wheel well?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You can replace the bumper garnish if you have some experience taking off car body parts. You have to take the bumper off then separate the upper section of the bumper from the lower skid to switch these items. The part numbers of the garnish for both sides - 71103-TGS-A10 and 71108-TGS-A10. To make the job worth your while you might want to consider adding the front bumper spoilers in gloss black too - 08F01-TGS-120
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I think it's a bit too optimistic to use an exploded diagram to determine that a structure you have not opened before is a simple one. Fog lights are designed to be easily replaceable instead of being networked with other trim pieces with locking tabs and screws. I suppose the OP can try to remove the garnish he wants to replace after pulling the inner fender back, if he's successful and there's nothing broken he should take notes and contribute to the knowledge here.
If you look at the part for #19 above online, there are indeed tabs all around it. The trim snaps in to those. There is one screw that holds the trim on around it plus those tabs. I need to replace one of mine that was cracked and can get to the screw easily. I have not tried to pry the trim off yet though. It should be doable without removing the bumper.
Main Fog Light assembly
It would be quite nice if everyone that asserts that the bumper doesn't need to come off can do the fix and share a video here to contribute to the knowledge base.
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